I was not fucking ready

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only pitchfork would do something like this.



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How to make Gone Home a good game

Actually play into the horror aspect. You got a haunted house. The previous owner was your great-uncle who died in the house and left everything he owned to his nephew, your father. You come home after traveling abroad for a year. It looks like a storm is coming and the house is empty. As you explore the house, lights tend to flicker. A TV was left on, meaning that someone was here earlier. As you keep exploring you discover that your father’s career as a writer never took off. His book series focuses on the JFK assassination and his office is covered in conspiracy theories. The books never sold and the house is littered with copies of them. Despite the failures, he still insists on writing a sequel but is suffering from writer’s block. The game also implies that he is a drinker. The mother show signs of infidelity, something that might have led to the parents seeking a marriage counselor and going to a couples counseling getaway. As the sister narrates her story through diary entries and letters, we learn that she is a lesbian and with her girlfriend, she conducted ghost hunts around the house. Through these hunts, she discovers hidden passageways and rooms around the house. The secret passageways and rooms have clippings and entries about your great-uncle’s relationship with your father. Apparently he abused your father and feels guilty for it. He becomes religious and fanatical. In one of the passageways, there is a cross with writing on it. If you pick it up, the light-bulb next to you will burst. In a hidden room, your sister contacted the spirit of the house and spoke with it. All this is slowly building up to a horror reveal but instead the game ends with a generic love story ending. That’s it. Woohoo, the odd couple runs away together. How original. There’s all this groundwork for a good horror game but we don’t get that. Why not have the father get possessed or something? Why not have him go all Shining? He certainly isn’t happy with his life. And now he has the perfect opportunity to possibly get away with murder. Getaway with wife was planned and now a storm is coming. Daughter is running with her girlfriend and don’t want people to find out. I don’t want this to all be speculation, I want it to be true. I want murders at the end of Gone Home. I wanted to walk up those stairs to the attic and find blood. I don’t give a fuck about some girl living in the suburbs and her 1st world problems. The game was building up all this spooky stuff but did nothing with it. What the fuck?


Fucking whoops, Brianna.  Guess who just got caught false flagging.


Fucking whoops, Brianna.  Guess who just got caught false flagging.

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The best thing about this Onion video is if you swap out the barbwire company for Feminist Frequency… #GamerGate